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Staying Positive In Lockdown For Landlords - Check Your Situation .... And Steady The Ship!

Staying Positive In Lockdown For Landlords - Making The Best Out Of Staying In And Working From Home

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Free Property Management Software for Landlords

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Improved Prospect Listing Display

Feature Focus: Prospect Tagging

Feature Focus: Final Rent Calculation

Feature Focus: Custom Prospect Expenses

Feature Focus: Pre-Tenancy Documents

Feature Focus: Property Inventory Creation Software

Feature Focus: New Tenancy Checklist

Property tools browser extension v1.7 released

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Base rate up 0.25% - the cost to your portfolio

HMO licensing changes from October 2018

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New How to Rent Guide from the Government

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Expert Property Panel - Landlord Investment Show

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Property Podcasts

Feature Focus: Mortgages and Valuations

Recent Changes - March 2018

Property Tools Browser Extension (Chrome and Firefox) - Property Bee replacement

Generate and check your tax figures - landlord tax return with PaTMa

Recording other expenses - landlord tax return with PaTMa

Recording mortgage interest - landlord tax return with PaTMa

Recording rent payments - landlord tax return with PaTMa

Adding tenancies and adjusting to ignore the past - landlord tax return with PaTMa

Creating your properties - landlord tax return with PaTMa

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Gas Safety Week: Fighting for a Gas Safe nation

Never Forget Gas Safety Renewals

Calculate how the April 2017 tax changes will affect your buy-to-let profit

Buy-to-let tax changes from April 2017 (and ones to remember from 2016)

Early Access Accounts Are Live